Warhammer Age of Sigmar Lizardmen Seraphon Saurus Warriors 707 
Warhammer LOTR - Lord of The Rings Warriors of Rohan x 36
Citadel miniatures Dragon catalogue from 1983 Games Workshop Warhammer
Warhammer Fantasy Lizardmen Stegadon Engine of the gods - Metal
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WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR DWARF DISPOSSESSED WARRIORS GREAT WEAPONS UNIT X 14 Want to know when things are happening? Look here for info about talk times and more.
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Ogors Ogre Kingdoms Metal Tyrant 19 Streams
Not able to make it to the Hilton? Want to be a part of the action? We will be live streaming all of the talks!
Forgeworld Greater Blight Drones x3 available Warhammer 40K VERY WELL PAINTED T-Shirt Charities
This year we are supporting 3 great groups through our T-Shirt Donations: The EFF, HFC, and the No Starch Press Foundation.
28mm Wargame Scenery 2 Tiles House and Abandoned House Bolt Action (Set A)
25mm 28mm Dark Ages 5th C FRANKS x16 Painted and Based great Hail Caesar 55892
25mm napoleonic french - line 18 figures - inf (31318)

ShmooCon 2019 Videos

ShmooCon 2019 videos are now available for viewing on archive.org.  We hope you like the new 1080 format!  Also, and we apologize for this, but any video shot in the Belay It track had some visual issues although the audio is fine.  Each of…

Hirst Arts Mould Mold 8 Warhammer Wargames Model Scenery Lord of the Rings etc.

Age Of Sigmar - 5x Maggotkin Putrid Blightkings

WHO SUBMITTED? Total of 168 submissions.  Down again from last year and the year previous.  We believe part of this may be due to doing away with the early selection round. 203 unique names on submissions (some submissions had more than one author,…

Warhammer Fantasy Battle - 4 x Dwarf Hammerer Blisters metal 1990 Games Workshop Warhammer Age of Sigmar Empire Freeguild Guard State Troops Crossbowmen 65
15mm napoleonic portuguese - 36 line infantry - inf (90276)
Metal Mordheim Sigmarite Sisters Blister - OOP - Warhammer Age of Sigmar CC48
Warhammer Lord of The Rings LOTR Metal RANGERS OF THE NORTH X6 FULL SET A 23

Concrete Jersey Barriers - 28mm Resin Wargames Warhammer Scenery 40k Choose Set


Getting these posted a bit later than usual, but here is the end of year ticket sales data: So how fast did it sell out this year? There were 1465 tickets released across all three rounds. All tickets were held in 17.13 seconds…

WWS Normandy Bocage Battle Field Kit 4, 20-28mm - Bolt Action Warhammer Terrain WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR CHAOS blueE HORRORS X 8 METAL OOP TZEENTCH AOS HORROR
Flintloque fantasy dogs of pudigrumchomsburg 20 figures {16} (18836)

2019 Speaker Line Up

Grenadier Fantasy Lords Metal Miniatures Pond Dragon Blister Card RARE

ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are pleased to announce (most of) the speakers for ShmooCon 2019.  We’re still waiting to get final confirmation from just a few folks, but we’re thrilled to share with you who has responded so far. Bios and abstracts…

25mm napoleonic french - grenadiers 24 figures - inf (24858) Read more
15mm 7YW french - canadian militia 24 figures - inf (31330)

ShmooCon 2019 Round 3 Stats

The third and final round of ticket sales for ShmooCon 2019 is done. 315 tickets were released this round. All tickets were held in 3.35 seconds. The waitlist filled up .53 seconds after that. So, by our definition, we sold out in 3.88…

Round Two Stats

No blank pages this time! 650 tickets were released this round. All tickets were held in 7.32 seconds. The waitlist filled up 1.69 seconds after that. So, by our definition, we sold out in 9.01 seconds.  At this point all tickets are accounted…